withdrawl and ratios

I’ve got a small bone to pick with Apple. Since I upgraded to the new OS, I can’t seem to use my friends’ secure wireless networks. Even after they give me the password. It’s happened here in Seattle and, looking back, I wonder if that was what was going on in Boston. Anyway, I am stealing my friend’s computer while she naps. With the baby and her husband. I am jonesing for my machine – I really, really miss the two-finger scroll. Not an Euphemism. I swear.

I’ve been IM-ing with Sophie, which is always entertaining, as it gives me a different, distanced sense of her. Not seeing her in front of me somehow lets me see her in a new light – she seems older, funnier. Minus the tweener-speak crap – “u” for “you” and that sort of shit. But really, y’all, the kid’s a riot:

Sophie: i wrapped ur present 2day!!!

me: you mean, my pony?!
Sophie: uh yeah… (cough cough)
i needed sooo much wrapping papr to wrap it!!!
me: aw – i think i’ll name it…..ummmm…..
paco the pony
is he cute?
say yes!
Sophie: hahaha
yeah totally….
me: thank god – i would give him back if he weren’t cute
Sophie: paco the pony… real smart…

I’m always telling her I want a pony when she asks me what I want for my birthday or Christmas. I miss her a bunch. We always do run-of-the-mill holiday things once school ends, like walk downtown to look at the gingerbread houses and bake cookies and go to movies and lay around and read. But I’m not there. Oh, well – after I get home I’ll get my fix.

In other, new baby news, things are good – we took Small Fruit Baby to the doctor today and she’s gained 8 ounces since birth on Monday. Kid’s a rock star. The birth was crazy intense, but things are as smooth as they can be now. Her daddy needs to write down her birthstory, because, god damn, the man can write. Other than the doctor outing, we’re doing a lot of nothing – laying around eating, cooking and tidying (2 of my faves!), passing the baby, trying to convince her that day is day and night is night. I am more and more convinced that a ratio of 3:1 is perfect for newborns.

Oh! And? I drove! In a strange city! And did not get lost or scared!


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