oh, the days of crappiness, they go on and on

I have been sick. This is distressing for any number of reasons, the foremost of which is My Reputation. See, I don’t get truly sick. I mean, really, I just don’t and yesterday, I left work early, and so – adios, Reputation. Plus, being sick sucks. You forget when it doesn’t happen to you much.

Have some lists.


  1. crazy Thursday afternoon/evening involving vehicle mix-ups, lots of driving, worry about people I love being in pain, frantic cooking and food delivery, scalding my hand with recently boiling water, and growing Dread about my dearly beloved car (2 rounds of crying over all this – final one prompted by the scalding)
  2. beginnings of feeling sick
  3. confirmed Dread about my dearly beloved car with bonus well-intentioned but still lame-o comments from mechanic who delivered the news
  4. worse and worse feeling sick
  5. spending money to get soon-to-be-gone but still dearly beloved car from shop – money that didn’t even get them to open the long broken trunk latch. (I should have been more demanding, but I had to get out of the office before I started to cry. Ugh. Crying.)
  6. shitty news from Cali, who is due for good news, not shit
  7. skipping 2 xmas parties that I actually wanted to leave the house for
  8. negative hpt

And the Less-Than-Crap:

  1. well-intentioned mechanic, who saved me a great deal of money by refusing to work on my dearly beloved car
  2. good, good folks at work who covered my ass so I could leave work early when sick
  3. sleeping on the couch with the cats
  4. Sophie’s Irish Music performance Friday night (it was good, actually really good!)
  5. my dad bringing firewood into the house so I wouldn’t have to
  6. my roommate feeding the cats and tending the fire so I could sleep late (the cats lied to me about being fed, though. Pigs)
  7. cho-girl and the not-so-small-cho, aka Service Boy, also bringing firewood into the house
  8. fabulous news by way of the IVP and FF about babies coming and correct numbers of eggs
  9. eating lunch and feeling better
  10. birthday alert from Friendster. For Jesus. His birthday is almost here.

The Less-Than Crap seems to outweigh the Crap. Whew.

I found a new blog today and she describes the post-ovulation phase as ” akin to taking a potato peeler to your skin.” Yep.

I’d been pretty good with the wait this go-round: no cloth diaper website trolling, very little angst, no planing of the joyous “it worked!” Caved post, no mentally rehearsing the even more joyous “it worked!” phone call to my mama, occasionally not even thinking about it. Nice, huh?

I just can’t shake the nagging feeling that it didn’t work – my temps were wack, I couldn’t pinpoint ovulation and somewhat randomly manually overrode FF to set it for 2 Saturdays ago. So it looks like I’m 14 dpo, but really, it could be 13. I expect to be bleeding tomorrow (all the weeping, you know). And from there I’ll move on to the monitoring cycle the RE wants to do and then the dye-test and meds and IUI’s. So much for DIY-AI. Oh, well.

Meanwhile, I only have 2 days of school left! And, did I tell you I am going to Seattle? Woo and Hoo! To see a baby be born! Or to coddle my friends through the last long days of pregnancy.


2 Comments on “oh, the days of crappiness, they go on and on”

  1. steinbockfrau says:

    I can not stop laughing that you got a friendster reminder about Jesus.
    ha ha ha ha ha

    SO glad you discovered kittenroar- she rocks!

    And so glad so many people are taking care of you and letting you heal.

    2 more days of school is AWESOME!

    hoping that bleeding never comes.

  2. reproducinggenius says:

    Boo for the negative HPT, but here’s hoping the blood doesn’t come.

    Also boo for being sick, but it sounds like you’ve got some good people–and felines–taking care of you.

    Hooray, however, for just two more days of school. I just finished. Winter breaks are so glorious!

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