friday ( but really monday) meme

C**** likes to mash people to nothingness while playing hockey
C**** likes to read, play sports, watch baseball, …
C**** likes to be needed, as well as …
C**** likes to play “old” music, and I have learned to enjoy the music he plays. .
C**** likes to stay busy. At Santiam Christian, she was a stalwart catcher on the softball team, a regular …

From Good Search, not

Why are all of these about sports? And staying busy? It’s like the anti-me. Weird.

I tag all of you, and yes, that means you.
Put “likes to” with your name tacked on the front into your fave search engine and post what you like to do. Or don’t like to do, as was the case for me.


2 Comments on “friday ( but really monday) meme”

  1. kp says:

    okay, i started to do this, but got SO SIDETRACKED by the Google results revealing that Jennifer Connolly talks on the phone and takes care of online shopping during sex. WTF???? I can hardly believe it’s real but it’s popped up in a couple of places. So it must be real. God help us all, or at least her husband. If I believed in God. I’m reading a novel now that features a feminist who calls God “Shod.” That kind of made me laugh.

  2. Brooke says:

    You have enlightened me…

    B**** likes to be a squirrel. a leaping one.

    B**** likes to write children’s books and she likes to read

    B**** likes to read books about Witches and Vampires

    B**** likes to be restrained. I mean, really, really likes it.

    she also likes to climb trees and go flying with her daddy

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