i <3 lists

(I love a list, y’all – love, love, love a list. So tidy, so organized, so…. list-y.)

Things I saw on my way to the Valley today:

  • One tall skinny white kid picking his butt on Main st. Really – he had several fingers up in there; I think it was an underpants problem. I laughed aloud. Loudly.
  • The total and complete lack of the typewriter store. Oh, noes! I’d been meaning to get new typewriter ribbon there for years – litterally years. It was just over the bridge from my house, not a 5 minute walk and I always forgot to go in and get ribbon. And now? It is Teh Gone. I said, “oh, dear!” aloud. Really. (As a very, very sad commentary on the state of my town, there will probably be a ((good but)) overpriced restaurant there shortly. Let’s play guess who will own it!)
  • Millions of students crossing the street willy-nilly in front of any car they could. Yes, I did stop for them, but did they wave in thanks? Nope. Kids these days.
  • Yet another skinny white kid (the place is lousy with them) – this one was doing something weird with his hair. He had both hands up in it, head bent down slightly and was shaking and ratting it around as if there was a spider in there he just had to get out. Then he thew his head back up, all Ferrah Fawcett-ish (or, rather just like my best friend in 2nd grade, Allison, used to do to get her “wangs” right), and looked smug. I was at a light, so I got to watch the whole damn thing. And, yes, I laughed outright again. And yes, I was alone in the car this whole time.

The rest of the drive was the usual – prettier than a picture. I took the slow way, 250 up to Afton and then 64 back down and over. The trees were all bare and a bazillion colors of brown and gray, except for a good-sized stand of pines off to the right just as you start to come down the west side of the mountain. I drove home in the dark and so there was less to see. Sorry to let y’all down.


2 Comments on “i <3 lists”

  1. calliope says:

    love a day with lots of laughter!

  2. kp says:

    this is really weird, but i was thinking about calling you today to ask if you had an old typewriter. i’m trying to make some old-looking labels for a fake potion i’m giving sian for christmas. can i swing by and use yours if you still have it?

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