You’re been wondering how things are here in Boston, aka The Frozen North, haven’t you? Well, they are great. Except for the fact that the 70º weather is gone and it really is frozen as well as north now.

So I went to DC on Wednesday, to hook up with R and J (Not like that! Lord, y’all. They are hot though….) and in classic lesbian fashion, they were both at home with their 2.5 cats and the Indigo Girls playing in the background. Okay, actually there were only 2 cats.

Anyway. We drove to stay that night with a friend of theirs outside Philly. There was an amazingly cute cat there (although it was not a House O’ Lesbians) who has a problem using his litter box consistently. He also has no claws. Hmmmm…… Please don’t de-claw your cats. We got up before 6, much to J’s chagrin, so as to miss as much traffic as possible and also so as to spend as much time as possible with the fab Boston kids.

We stopped for coffee at a Dunkin’ Donuts just after leaving the house of the cat with no claws and got assaulted by the American Appetite. R and I just got coffee (pre-dawn is way to early for things as sweet as donuts) but J wanted one donut “ball” (should we tell her the common name is donut hole?). The poor woman behind the counter could not even understand this. 5 for $1.99! she kept saying. But I only want one, poor J would explain. Again. And again. Finally she patiently explained that 5 would give her diarrhea, to which the woman behind the counter said again, 5 for $1.99! So she took the 5 (I’ll not bore you with the story of what happened at the rest stop a couple hours later). Then the long-suffering woman behind the counter asked, are you two together? and J smacked R’s ass in reply. Really, I think the Dunkin’ Donuts woman was asking about their donut ball/coffee payment plan, but – hey, what’s a little ass smacking at 6 am?

Because no vacation is complete without an educational component, we drove through Valley Forge, looking for bloody footprints left by long dead soldiers in the snow. We were several years too late, plus no snow. The rest of the drive was flawless – pretty and clear, full of good company and naps. We made it to Boston in less than 6 hours. Over the Tappan Zee and north up 95.

And when we got here, there was love all around: food to be made and drinks to be had, books for reading and bad movies for watching, sitting around to be done and back scratching and music and talking and pie. Which I am now having for breakfast.

Mmmmm….. pie…..

I am thankful for pie. And for my friends.


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