I can drive in strange cities and not get lost once. At least, this time I can. Good job, me.
Also, Virginia is the prettiest. Oh, yes it is.


4 Comments on “congratulations”

  1. Tricia says:

    But can you spell congratulations?

    I’m glad you made it to DC safely. Have a great Boston weekend.

  2. cho-girl says:

    ooo. tricia!

    Yea! Corey! You did it!
    I second your thought on Virginia. Our drive today was beeeutiful too.

  3. Tricia says:

    Clearly I’m just bitter because I haven’t seen Virginia in way too long. Especially in the fall. So pretty.

  4. starrhillgirl says:

    Lord, y’all – hush. I changed it. Let’s write it off to excitement. At least I didn’t say “cragulations” Or maybe that’s what I should have titled it….

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