done and done

Nothing like a little Shakespeare* to bring on some blood.

Here’s to next cycle. Salut, as my grandpa used to say.

CD 1.

*N.B. the homo-erotic imagery at the top of this link – wtf?


9 Comments on “done and done”

  1. amanda says:

    F*ck. i’m so sorry. Sending you my warmest thoughts…and many, many glasses of wine.

  2. calliope says:

    I think it was also Shakespeare who said, “FUCKING HELL! THIS SUCKS ASS!”

    so so sorry, honey.

  3. Brooke says:

    stupid shakespeare

  4. timaree says:

    Awww, crap. Please join me in a bottle (or two or three) of wine.

  5. vee says:

    Arse! Not the time for any “out, damned spot”. So sorry.

  6. gold star says:

    that is all kinds of wrong. I’m sorry, girl.

  7. Chips says:

    isn’t it time for you to catch a break?? that’s crapola. i’m so sorry.

  8. the injector says:

    tonight, i will raise a glass of bourbon to your next time around. good luck–much hope.

  9. Chicory says:

    I’m so sorry.

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