zero times anything is…..?

Unless my temp spikes to somewhere north of 98º tomorrow in the pre-dawn hours, I’m out. And yes, I tested twice today. Ha. And wtf?

I will not be brought down by the starkness of your empty expanse of white pee-stick, oh internet cheapie. I will not. I’m not testing again. My temp will rise or fall as it wants, my prometrium will run out and I will bust out the Keeper™ and the bottle of Maker’s Mark Ingrid left here when I start bleeding tomorrow or the next day. And I’ll hop back up on the god-damned horse next cycle. Because what have I got if not hope?

Well, since you ask, I’ve clearly got all of y’all in addition to hope. All you IVP-ers (hmmm… that sounds not so good….) and my IRL kids – y’all are the best thing going, as has been said before.

So I got the OS X upgrade today (thank you) and I am doing the big back up before installing it. Which means my machine is tied to my desk in the cold, cold living room, and so NaBloPoMo can bite me for today, because I want to go sit by the fire and this back-up is taking for-fucking-ever.

Really, I am surprisingly cheerful for a girl about to crash and burn again. Maybe I am getting used to it? Weird. I mean, honestly, I feel pretty okay. Not even like amping up to not okay. Mysterious.


One Comment on “zero times anything is…..?”

  1. calliope says:

    stark white sucks ass.

    but good to know that there is Maker’s Mark in the house…you know, just in case.

    Also- talk to me when you are done doing the osX upgrade. I just want to know if you had any glitches. I keep hearing about blue screens and being locked out…ugh!

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