this is what happened to me today

(so if I knew better what I was doing with this blogging shit you’d be able to see something interesting here, as it is, you have to click – boo)

But not sad! And not involving a restaurant. Bu yay, free cake! Ok, also, no cake, but Olive(s) which I like better anyway. So don’t worry, y’all.


2 Comments on “this is what happened to me today”

  1. Hard Girl says:

    Your link doesn’t work, and I want to know what happened to you today. (I know it’s terribly one-sided, since I don’t have a blog for you to read my daily November story)

    Also, I have some answers about the food question, but it’s kind of bitchy, so I should just call you.

  2. starrhillgirl says:

    Sooooo lame. I fixed the link. It’s to a really great comic that was too wide to fit in this weird blogger lay-out so I thought I’d just post the link because I could figure out what else to do and then I fucked the link up, too.

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