cycle day what?

Don’t my million post for yesterday count for today? No? Crap. This blogging everyday is hard.

I’m really buying into this “test early and often” thing. It seems to lessen the blow. Deal with the massive and horrifying disappointment in manageable daily chunks. One stark white pee-stick after another. Yeah. That’s a plan. I’m sure this will prevent the hollow feeling in my gut as I drop into the beginning of yet another cycle sometime this weekend. Oh, don’t worry, loyal and loving reader(s), I’ll keep testing; the obsessors would have my ass otherwise.

CD 26, 12 dpo. HPT as negative as they come. *sigh*


5 Comments on “cycle day what?”

  1. calliope says:

    bumming out on the negative. & just between you & me I happen to know that not every obsessor tests every day…
    but still…negatives suck ass

  2. amyjay says:

    I have a new dislike for stark white. I hope it changes for you.

  3. LB says:

    However, I am thrilled by your stunning social-ness. Youre quite the girl about town these last couple nights and it has been great to see you.

  4. gold star says:

    white? that is fucked up.

    could still be early for a cheapster test, though.

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