little more than links

Y’all know I love a good online quiz. Or, at least, you do now.

There’s this one, from Cali (I’ll do anything she does):

1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100%)
2. Dennis Kucinich (91%) Information link
3. Alan Augustson (campaign suspended) (87%) Information link
4. Barack Obama (80%) Information link
5. Joseph Biden (73%) Information link
6. Christopher Dodd (70%) Information link
7. Hillary Clinton (70%) Information link
8. Mike Gravel (68%) Information link
9. Wesley Clark (not running, endorsed Clinton) (67%) Information link
10. John Edwards (66%) Information link
11. Al Gore (not announced) (63%) Information link
12. Michael Bloomberg (says he will not run) (62%) Information link
13. Bill Richardson (54%) Information link
14. Elaine Brown (51%) Information link
15. Kent McManigal (campaign suspended) (48%) Information link
16. Ron Paul (43%) Information link
17. Rudolph Giuliani (29%) Information link
18. Mike Huckabee (28%) Information link
19. Alan Keyes (22%) Information link
20. Tommy Thompson (withdrawn, endorsed Giuliani) (22%) Information link
21. Mitt Romney (19%) Information link
22. John McCain (17%) Information link
23. Sam Brownback (withdrawn) (14%) Information link
24. Newt Gingrich (says he will not run) (14%) Information link
25. Chuck Hagel (not running) (12%) Information link
26. Tom Tancredo (9%) Information link
27. Fred Thompson (8%) Information link
28. Duncan Hunter (7%) Information link
29. Jim Gilmore (withdrawn) (5%) Information link
30. Stephen Colbert (campaign ended) (3%) Information link

Speaking of candidates, I went to vote today (yay! voting!) at the school across from my house. It’s a pretty amazing place to vote; the majority of the election officers are older black women – say, 50 or 60 plus – and you can see the pride and sense of duty they have over it all. Voting is not something to take for granted. Democracy (such as it is here) is *not* a spectator sport, y’all. These women, down at the polling place, silently tell me to keep that in mind.

Moving on to religion, there’s this one, that I found (and took, of course):

1. Secular Humanism (100%)
See selected books about Secular Humanism. Click here for info
2. Unitarian Universalism (97%)
See selected books about Unitarian Universalism. Click here for info
3. Theravada Buddhism (90%)
See selected books about Theravada Buddhism. Click here for info
4. Liberal Quakers (83%)
See selected books about Liberal Quakers. Click here for info
5. Neo-Pagan (77%)
See selected books about Neo-Pagan. Click here for info
6. Non-theist (73%)
See selected books about Non-theist. Click here for info
7. Taoism (63%)
See selected books about Taoism. Click here for info
8. Mahayana Buddhism (60%)
See selected books about Mahayana Buddhism. Click here for info
9. Mainline – Liberal Christian Protestants (55%)
See selected books about Mainline – Liberal Christian Protestants. Click here for info
10. Jainism (55%)
See selected books about Jainism. Click here for info
11. New Age (55%)
See selected books about New Age. Click here for info
12. Orthodox Quaker (50%)
See selected books about Orthodox Quaker. Click here for info
13. Reform Judaism (42%)
See selected books about Reform Judaism. Click here for info
14. Hinduism (41%)
See selected books about Hinduism. Click here for info
15. Sikhism (39%)
See selected books about Sikhism. Click here for info
16. Bahai (38%)
See selected books about Bahai. Click here for info
17. New Thought (29%)
See selected books about New Thought. Click here for info
18. Seventh Day Adventist (29%)
See selected books about Seventh Day Adventist. Click here for info
19. Scientology (25%)
See selected books about Scientology. Click here for info
20. Orthodox Judaism (23%)
See selected books about Orthodox Judaism. Click here for info
21. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (19%)
See selected books about Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons). Click here for info
22. Eastern Orthodox (17%)
See selected books about Eastern Orthodox. Click here for info
23. Islam (17%)
See selected books about Islam. Click here for info
24. Roman Catholic (17%)
See selected books about Roman Catholic. Click here for info
25. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (16%)
See selected books about Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist). Click here for info
26. Mainline – Conservative Christian Protestant (15%)
See selected books about Mainline – Conservative Christian Protestant. Click here for info
27. Jehovah’s Witness (13%)
See selected books about Jehovah’s Witness. Click here for info

Cracks about me being 55% New Age maybe made in the comments.

In other news, good old FF confirmed ovulation for Saturday, with their usual wussy-commitment-phobe dotted lines. I am leaning toward pinning ovulation sometime late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. Which lines up nicely with my insems (thank you, New “Can’t Beat Them With Sticks” Donors.). So now we wait. That’s CD 17, 3 DPO, for those of you playing along at home.

My ass is kicked by this cold. Kicked, I tell you.


3 Comments on “little more than links”

  1. Becca says:

    wow. you got more than I did this weekend!
    ; )

  2. calliope says:

    you crack me up! “wussy-commitment-phobe dotted lines” so so true! I hate the “chance of conception grid”.

    & I looooooove a good internet quiz. so Thanks for the religion one!

  3. Heather says:

    “Theoretical Ideal Candidate” cracks me up. That’s who I’M voting for! Wouldn’t you love to see that on a bumper sticker? :o)

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