harder than i thought

This blogging everyday thing. Lord, it’s nearly 9 o’clock *again* and I haven’t done my daily entry for you-know-what (YuKnWh?)

How’s about another lame-o non-post? ‘K. You knew I was good for it. Here’s things I want to write about, in no particular order:

  1. food – bread (as inspired by AddProbs), the last day of the city market, local milk, making tortillas, lunches and how I hate to make them, maybe daily menus, or maybe just high-lights (I am *so* sure y’all want such a window into my life), the crappy, crappy squeeze yogurts that I hate, trading recipes, and so on.
  2. something about why people say shit to single/lesbian women ttc like, “are you sure you’re ready for how hard it is to have a baby?” Yes, some one said this to me recently, a friend in fact, with all good intentions I am sure, but really. Really? Do happy straight couples regularly get asked these things? That’s sort of a rhetorical question, but also, straight, coupled readers, did you get asked this shit when you were pre-baby? Answer in the comments, please.
  3. corollary to #2 – why is it so fucking hard to get knocked up? Why? Other people have been wondering the same thing, and I’d like some answers.
  4. should I learn to play pool so as to be able to go the the queer grads group with some skillz other than shyness?
  5. the place discipline holds in my life vis a vis writing once a day.
  6. crap. There were others, there were. *sigh*
  7. oh, yeah! ttc, the ttw, opks, hpts, and all those other acronyms that make the LB crazy – how could I forget?

Ummm…. maybe I need to learn something more about how to control this thing? Why can’t I make there be spaces between the items on My List O’ Bloggable Topics? Why? This is making me crazy!

Huh. My List O’ Bloggable Topics looks like it will only see me through 7 days. Shit.

Anyway – it’s CD 13 and I’ve got 2 vials of sperm in the hands of FedEx (gulp). That’s 2 vials, Hope, not 2 pounds, thanks be to Mary, patron of immaculately conceiving lesbians. Yes, you read that right, I am without sin.


3 Comments on “harder than i thought”

  1. Sian says:

    I think you should start by talking about your upcoming “what it is like to be single” project with that local photographer. Also, I could tell you about MY CM.

  2. starrhillgirl says:

    Tell me all about your CM, baby.

  3. ceri says:

    the only person who really asked if i was ready to have a kid was my therapist. she seemed scared for me. yikes.

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