and again… just like new

Good old Clear Blue, she loves me, even though I neglected her last cycle. (Is it a sign of too much ttc-ing when you say cycle instead of month?) She wanted a pee-stick this morning – I think it’s too early for that shit, but what’s a little disagreement over pee-sticks between friends? – but because of Cat Drama™ I had no FMU for her. Nor any SMU. “Tomorrow, honey,” I whispered sweetly in her little electronic ear, “tomorrow, I swear.”

I’ve got a fabulous prize for all you non-ttc-ers who can figure out those acronyms. Fabulous – like a cake.

It looks like Plan B is up and running (oh, god – the cracks that could be made here). Early November, cycle number 50-bazillion – The Age of BioTranz. Yes, I am putting my trust in Fed-Ex again, even though they have fucked me before. Fuckers. Anyway, Plan B is such a good one (you can’t beat it with a stick, remember?) that its karma will steam-roll the crappiness of Fed-Ex.

There was a sort of cheesy article (column?) in The Washington Post Magazine yesterday (searching for link…) about old friends. The writer mused on what to call them – she didn’t like the “old” part, but wanted to distinguish them from newer, more fly-by-night friends. My answer is to call them family.

Hang on to your hats, kids, it’s CD 9.


7 Comments on “and again… just like new”

  1. amanda says:

    Very exciting! Good luck this “cycle”. 🙂 i wish i had known about Biotranz back in the day…

  2. calliope says:

    this is going to be a fun cycle- so many new things going on!

  3. ceri says:

    fingers are crossed, corey, as always.

  4. Becca says:

    um, um, I’m thinking!
    Frosting Made for U?
    Sticks Made for Urine?
    I can only think of cake . . . and pee . . .

  5. elsie says:

    Um, Cat Drama? This sounds like a story begging to be told….

  6. Timaree says:

    Oh god, do I know cat drama and how it can get in the way of other things.

    How’s that egg coming along? Are you expecting a shipment today?

  7. ceri says:

    hurry up, corey. it’s november 1 and you haven’t posted yet.

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