less than good

Fab horoscope singing of fertility to the contrary, I am having donor angst. Or rather, he is having angst. So maybe this cycle is a no go. Maybe the whole deal is a no go.
Commence the weeping and gnashing of teeth.


3 Comments on “less than good”

  1. timaree says:

    Fuck! We’re going through weird donor issues too. What’s with these guys? Don’t they know how invested we get? Don’t they know they know that our very happines often depends on their cooperation and reliability? I’m thinking of you and hoping your donor will get his act together in time to make this cycle a success. In the meantime, more scotch for you.

  2. Trista says:

    oh, donor issues are the worst. Seriously. We’ve been through some that I was unable to blog about. Does it help if you can think of it as a good thing that he’s working through whatever it is now, before you’re actually pregnant? It’s a bitter sort of comfort. Kinda like kinda like cutting off your finger to get rid of a nasty splinter. But hey! At least the splinter won’t lead to gangrene now involving the loss of an entire arm! Now don’t you feel better? I just knew you would.

    I hope he works through what he needs to work through to come back to happiness with this soon.

  3. gold star says:

    oh no. i’m sorry. we had some of those ourselves. it was the first brick laid in the building of my house of bitterness.

    i hope hope that this works out for this cycle.

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