now for some more ambiguity

And my temp is back up again.
But I overslept and so took it an hour later than usual
But no positive test to go with it.


4 Comments on “now for some more ambiguity”

  1. Hard Girl says:

    Yay! and Aargh! How’s that for a comment? My other one that didn’t work was slightly more articulate.

    PS: I’ve changed Internet handles, due to the high drama of intrusive mother finding long-lost son on the internet. Who was Appalachia (I’ll risk it once) is now Hard Girl, as in the Appalachian dialect word for someone you pay to come in and sweep your floors and rock the baby to sleep. Which I’m not, of course, but am “hard” by someone to do something. And besides, it sounds tough.

  2. starrhillgirl says:

    aw – you are tough, babe. especially that time you had to come get in bed with me (bringing your quilt) after we got an early morning prank phone call.

  3. Hard Girl says:

    Wow. I had completely forgotten about that. Okay, but that was creepy.

  4. starrhillgirl says:

    Aw – you were cute. And grumpy.

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